A Day In The Life Of A Market Researcher

“Hello there, my name is Scott Hammond and I am calling on behalf of…” that’s about as far as I get into my sentence as I sit aimlessly in my little blue booth. A computer screen in front of me, meaningless pieces of paper scattered across my desk and a headset to accompany my telephone.

This is all a day in the life of a market researcher. Definitely not the most glamorous job in the world, and one that I always promised myself that I would never get into. But as I slump into my chair, constantly picking up the phone and putting it down, I sometimes wonder where I went astray. Do not get me wrong, my time at my last job was okay, it was by no means the best job in the world, but the people that surrounded me made it bearable.

Sitting there for eight hours a day, you cannot help but gain a certain amount of respect for the people around you. As I look around, there are no dejected faces, they simply put the phone down and start again. Some better than others at introducing themselves, but I always seem to come up short. I never knew it, but I look back now and realise that I took rejection quite badly. I would sit and just doodle for minutes at a time when those minutes could have been put to better use, trying to talk to the very uncommunicative public.

You tend to talk a lot of interesting people over the phone though. Some pleased to hear from you, others not so pleased, and some a simple: “I’m not interested, thank you” was enough and the conversation was over. There were the odd few that contradicted themselves, by saying they had no time, but then staying on the phone moaning to you for up to ten minutes about how your company should not be intruding on their privacy, and all that time could have been put towards completing the interview.

Most people that I spoke to tended to mistake my old company for a telesales unit. That was quite annoying at the best of times, but we just had to put a smile on it and get on with it.

So the next time you are called by an anonymous stranger badgering you to help them with their research, be nice, and do not be too hasty to judge, as I used to be that person