DIY kit for the music stars of the future has joined forces with Inner Rhythm to present a special afternoon workshop to help budding stars use the art of creating and designing a winning music business strategy to transform their career to new heights.

Well-known consultant Kavit Haria and BBM's Kwaku come together to talk about the tools, models and ideas behind successful independent music business strategies and will show you how to create your own. You'll also learn how to gain exposure using traditional marketing and new world internet marketing.

Participants will walk away knowing how to:

  • Put together a framework for their music business plan
  • Craft a vision that's so compelling it'll drive them faster towards their music results
  • Get them niched successfully so that they are an authority musician
  • Understand how the old, traditional music industry works (it may be dying but it's powerful and can't be ignored), and learn how to move forward in the new online market
  • Understand key concepts of online and offline marketing
  • Fast track themselves through relevant copyright and contract law
  • Hear case studies of musicians who are implementing a well-thought strategy and the results they're achieving
And much, much more

* How To Create A Winning Music Business Strategy For The Independent Musician Or Music Entrepreneur Workshop costs  £35 to attend. The event is this Saturday, September 27 2008. Registration starts at 1.30pm. The event, at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA, ends at 5pm.

To book or for more information: