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How to get a mobile app developed fast



I’ve recently had a few ideas for mobile apps, and have been wondering how I can get them developed without sweating learning code or forking out lots.


Believe it or not getting your own app in the Apple store is not as difficult as it appears.


Imagine, you get an app developed for $50, (a basic app to test the market) and then that goes onto make, per se, $500. That’s a $450 profit!


Then, you simply re-invest that $450, and get a better app or more advanced one built – and there you go, a growing business.


As most apps are built with the iPhone in mind, then I recommend you just start building one for that first. You can develop ones for Blackberry, or the Android market later when you are rinsing.


Here’s how I am getting my first app into the public domain – and building from there.


1)    Go to a website called This is a website where contractors are paid to develop apps and software for mobile, and the internet. It’s FREE to sign up.

2)    Post a job (also FREE!) – When you first post a job for a contractor, you want to be as general as possible. Make sure they don’t nick your idea, and then build it themselves and create their own brand etc.

3)    The best contractors are from India and that region. They are cheaper than hiring American or western developers. Some will create an app for as little as $20. They can charge as much as $1000 for more advanced ones though!

4)    The good thing about oDesk is the person you hire will keep you up to speed – and you only pay when you are happy with the job. Some contractors will even submit the app for you – and give you advice on what to charge etc. They will also ensure your app is optimised for iPad, iPod etc.


That’s it! You now have your first app in the store. Most can be built within a few days, (depending on how advanced your idea is.)


One last bit of advice. Deciding what to charge for an app is easy. 99cents is best, because it’s not too expensive, and people feel they can afford to download it and give it a go.


There you have it. Since there are 5 billion mobiles – there is sure to be an app idea just oozing inside of you!


Rinse and repeat this mobile biz opportunity!


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