Do you want to be a sports reporter?

It is possible that you can be a citizen sports reporter in your town.

KHQA-TV, an ABC affiliate in the Keokuk, Iowa, Qunicy, Illinois, and  Hannibal, Missouri area, actively recruits citizen journalists as sports reporters. Here's the ad from their website:  

Are you interested in being a sports reporter?  

If you are a high school senior in the Tri-States, then here's your chance to be on the side lines with KHQA Sports Reporters and help report the best local sports on "Overtime with Chris Duerr".

To see the KHQU-TV web page, CLICK HERE.

Many local broadcast and print news operations would gladly use the services of citizen journalists to cover local sports. The difficulty is finding volunteers who will be reliable, write like a trained journalist and meet deadlines.

If you are interested, here's what you do: Call the sports editor at the media outlet you think might want your services. Tell the editor what you can do, ask who you should talk to and set an appointment.

Before you go in for your interview, study the ways your target media company covers sports. Prepare some writing samples to take to your interview.

Be bold.  Remember, "Fortune favors the bold." – Virgil

Ron Ross is the co-author of the only book written FOR citizen journalists, “Handbook for Citizen Journalists.”