Don't Get Caught Napping

Chris Gaynor

Having a sneaky snooze in the afternoon apparently can increase brain power and productivity among employees. Music to the ears of employer's? Maybe not. But I must confess that since finishing my journalism studies and venturing out into that big wide world of work, the odd nap in the afternoon, both at home and at work,  has never done me any harm.


The clinical tests researched in the US by a leading researcher DR Matthew Tucker suggests that 40min to an hour naps during the day can be beneficial for boosting memory and for increased stamina.

A group of New York students who guinea pigged the research were taken to a room where half napped for the recommended time of 40 mins and the other half sat around reading magazines and watching TV or films.

The results revealed that the nappers did significantly better in the memory tests than those staying awake.

Sir Winston Churchill, famous for his afternoon cat naps, and even Lady Thatcher have all boasted the European siesta style snoozes.

What does the research prove?  For employee's, the excuse of 'Ive got a hangover,' can now be substantiated with: 'A nap a day keeps the bailiffs away!'

For employers, its just another flexibility they are going to have to deal with - but for the moment, 'don't get your sleeping bags out yet!'