Doodling to entrepreneurship

BORED, with nothing to do? They say that people often seek out successful opportunities when they are just doodling around with time on their hands. One girl even came up with a company called doodlebra, yes, selling comfortable bras, (not that I would know, of course). One guy seems to have found the answer to his boredom by building model cars. New Zealand's Sandy Sanderson built a string of them from old discarded aluminium cans after he had broken one of his wrists in a biking accident. The idea came to him apparently when he had finished a canned drink, and decided it would be a good way to pass the time. He doodled his way to building his canned car masterpieces. The more cars he built, the more detailed they became. He started off with a Coriba Climax, and has made the likes of Jeeps, Roadsters, and even one called The Heineken and The Guiness. Good to excuse to crack open a can of beer, isn't it? And it saves on the pennies when it comes to getting the kids a Christmas pressie... Go HERE to see the cars in all their glory.