Dooms day 21/12/2012 won't happen

Every day is a dooms day for one or the other somewhere in the world, with no exception on the basis of caste, creed, religion or region. But, no Pundit, either scientific or mythological, in this world is able to predict accurately the Common Dooms Day for the mankind. The 21/12/2012 Dooms Day is the chaos created by the ‘Mayan’ Calender counting that began in 3114 BC that will end on 21/12/2012 with the end of 13 baktuns i.e. 5,125 years and confusion spread by some ancient Sumerian scripts that are said to have mentioned a dangerous planet called Nibiru would ditch the earth on 21/12/2012 to erase the human race on Earth.

But, according to Ancient Secret ‘Vedic scripts’, ‘Srutis and ‘Smritis’ common Dooms Day is certainly not on 21/12/12, because now it is ‘Kali yuga’ Part-1 (‘Pradhama pada’ means First Part ) is running and 5,100 years elapsed out of total of 1,08,000 years of Part-1 (Pradhama pada) in ‘Kali yuga’, and still 1,02,900 years are remaining for completion of Part-1 of ‘Kali yuga’.  There are three (3) more such parts in Kali yuga, each Part constituting 1,08,000 years. The total of four parts constitutes 4,32,000 years for ending of entire ‘Kali yuga’. Apart from 1,02,900 pending years of Part-I, the remaining period of three Parts have to be completed which constitute total of 4,26,900 more years out of the entire span of 4,32,000 years for ending of ‘Kali yuga’, that means COMMON DOOMS DAY for end of human beings on this Earth, comes only after 4,26,900 more years as per the Ancient Indian Vedic Knowledge.

I would make you to understand this calculation in better way by describing here what was mentioned in Ancient Vedic Knowledge belonged to Jambudweepa (Jambu Island)  i.e. present day INDIA about the Cosmic periods of this Divine Universe and its relation to human life on Earth.

Due to one complete roation of Earth around the sun for 360 days or 12 months one year is occurring. Such 4,32,000 years constitutes ‘Kali yuga’ (the Yuga that is presently running). Before the Kali yuga, there existed ‘Dwapara Yuga’ (the period in which Lord Sri Krishna existed), which existed for 8,64,000 years. Prior to that period ‘Treyta Yuga’ (the peiod in which Lord Sri Rama existed) existed for 12,96,000 years. Even before it, there existed ‘Krita Yuga’ (the period of Vedic Gods, Prajapathis, and popular demons) for 17,28,000 years.

All the above said four ‘Yugas’ together is called as one ‘Mahayuga’ having a period of 43,20,000 years. Seventy One (71) ‘Maha Yugas period is equivalent to one ‘Manvantaram’ i.e. a period ruled by one ‘Manu’ (Sub-Creator and Ruler of the Universe). One Thousand (1,000) ‘Maha Yugas’ are equivalent to one ‘Kalpa’ i.e. 432,00,00,000 years.  One ‘Kalpa’ is equivalent to one day time for ‘Brahma Dev’. That one day time of Brahma Dev is called as ‘Vudaya kalpa’. The same period of night time i.e. sleeping period of Brahma Dev is called as ‘Kshaya Kalpa’. That means one ‘Vudaya Kalpa’ (one day time) and one ‘Kshaya Kalpa’ (one night time) of ‘Brahma Dev’ is equivalent to 864,00,00,000 years, i.e. one entire day for ‘Brahma Dev’.  Such 360 days are one year for ‘Brahma Dev’. (Calculate this enormous period for yourself). That ‘Brahma Dev’ would exist for One Hundered such years.

Ever since the genesis of this Universe six (6) such ‘Brahama Devs’ had born and ended. Now it is the seventh ‘Brahma Dev, called as ‘Chaturmukha Brahma Dev’, is existing in this enarmous Cosmic Universe. Even for this present ‘Chaturmukha Brahma Dev’ out of his 100 years life span 50 years have completed and now 51st year is running for him. Of his past 50 years, Six Manus i.e. 1) Swayambhu, 2) Swaarochita, 3) Vuttama, 4) Taamasa, 5) Raivata, 6) Chakusha had ruled the Universe (Earth is only a tiny part of this Universe) each for Seventy one (71) ‘Maha Yugas’ period and ended. Now it is Seventh Manu called ‘Vaivasvata Manu’ is ruling this Universe. His longevity is for a period of Seventy one (71) Maha Yugas. Now it is 28th out of 71 Maha Yugas is running and in this rotation Kali Yuga period’s Part-1 is running.

So, now there is no need to panic and run from mountain to mountain, fearing that Common Dooms day is going to wipe out the entire living beings on this earth on 21/12/12. But one thing can not be ruled out, partial destruction to some parts of the Globe, most likely to the middle parts of the Globe, may occur afterwards of 21/12/2012, extending to next year’s first half, either by hitting of earth by some extra-terrestrial bodies or by other natural disasters. By dchaitanya.