Draper to quit LabourList

TORY blogger Iain Dale has exclusively revealed on his blog this afternoon that the LabourList editor Derek Draper will leave the website, as soon as tomorrow. It comes after Draper had been allegedly pondering his role for well over a fortnight. His decision came because of his role in being passed smeary emails from Damian McBride, a former senior aide to the PM, regarding smearing high profile Tories, which were possibly going to be published on a website called Red Rag. That idea was then dropped. These email smears included innuendos about Tory leader David Cameron, Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne, as well as Tory MPs such as Nadine Dorries. The emails were then somehow accessed by Paul Staines, who writes the GUIDO FAWKES blog, and then handed over to the press to have a field day with. McPoison, as he was called, then resigned, and GORDON BROWN was forced to write apologetic letters to all involved. However, it took the PM a long time to come out and say sorry. Draper had said some of the smears in the emails were 'brilliant, but was forced to admit that it was a stupid thing to do.' Meanwhile, for entertainment sake, Charlie Booker, who does the attack dog programme Newswipe, has a cute take on the war between the blogosphere and the print media. He also has a dig at the likes of bloggers Paul Staines and Dolly Draper, where the blogging spat all began. Draper's exit from labourList will also be another scalp for Blogger's Dale and Staines. Watch Booker's newswipe review here. *The bit with the press and blogs is about 15 mins or so in, so drag. YouTube vid is of Draper and GUIDO on the BBCs Daily Politics a few weeks ago.