Is Ed Getting his Knickers in a Twist over Policy?

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Tomorrow, Labour leader Ed Miliband closes the Labour Party conference by holding a Q & A session LIVE on Twitter in the early evening – 5:45pm via the hashtag #Ask EdM.


But how effective is this for having sensible engagement with our UK politicians?


Twitter is something that many of the UK’s MP’s are engaging in right now, tweeting everything from who they are meeting for dinner, (not the missus) or on the phone to that Foreign minister in Israel.


Although it’s great that you can have a chinwag with a UK politician online, some people do ask silly questions that really add nothing to the debate.


Ed Miliband is currently on Twitter asking people what they thought of his speech – which hasn’t gone down well with some in his own party, and, the wider public.


Here are a handful of questions they ask:


Someone who calls herself the3rdgirl, asks: “Have you ever worn the missus' knickers to a big debate? You know, just for luck.”


Another asks him: “Is eating 6 Fajitas in one sitting too much? This is important Ed.”


How are these any relevance to the great political debate. Social networks are only as good as the people who use them.


Sure, there are some occasional sensible people asking questions such as why can’t their daughters get jobs and what is Ed  going to do about the manufacturing situation in BAE, etc, but monitoring the tweeted questions it really is like watching paint dry – it’s full of twatter.


One Tweeter asks blatantly:


Who told you this hashtag question thing was a good idea?”


Hear, hear.


Clearly, if Ed Miliband was looking for inspiration on the social networks for new policy ideas, he didn’t find it.


If you want to ask him something tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon at 5:45pm, do so, but don’t expect arousing debate – just political twatter.


And according to the Labour leader, he spent some time with his Doncaster constituents after he had made his speech in conference.

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