Energised about citizen journalism

This Pakistani journalist is a role model for citizen journalists around the world

Sonya Rehman. Ever heard of her? Many in Pakistan have. 

Rehman is a graduate from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, a journalist from Lahore, Pakistan and a blogger with over 157,000 hits at this writing.

You can hear from Rehman in an 11-minute YouTube presentation. She asks, “Can tangible change take place? Yes it can.” And she gives evidence of citizen journalists who use cell phone cameras to make serious contributions to life in Pakistan.

CLICK HERE to view her YouTube presentation and realize her passion. 

The website www.pakistanileaders.com tells you more about this interesting writer/journalist/innovator. It says Sonya Rehman “has been writing in leading English dailies as a ‘freelance feature writer’ apart from hosting a radio show and anchoring a television program as well. Moreover, she has been involved in many a self-styled endeavor which have fulfilled her intellectual appetite to an extent that she has always managed to keep her countenance happy and upbeat, and has stood tall against all odds.”

Now what about YOU?

Think about it. If Sonya Rehman can get 157,000 hits on her English blog about issues in Pakistan – what could you accomplish in your community?

In case you didn’t know it, you can get a free blog started within the next hour. It won’t cost you a penny and is very easy to accomplish. Here are three places you can start your own blog FREE even with limited technical skills:

 There are many more free blogging websites than these so you have no excuse to keep you from cranking up your own blog today…or reviving the one you started last year…or to start contributing videos, articles or photos to the increasing number of citizen journalist portals available to you!

OK, I’ll concede that Sonya Rehman has one significant advantage: an excellent journalistic education. But don’t let that stop you. You can get top-quality online training by joining the National Association of Citizen Journalists or by reading the only book written FOR citizen journalists, Handbook for Citizen Journalists.