Exam system is failing our children

At the moment, GCSE’s are in a mess. Why? Simple: Because the teenage exam system has now become a one size fits all system, where, even employers are struggling to pick the right candidates because teenagers all leave school with more or less the same grades. A’s or A* have become the norm.


Although critics of Michael Gove claim his proposals would create a two tier system, where less academic kids would take a CSE, rather than an O-Level, it seems to me we cannot sail along at the pace we are when it comes to reforming the GCSE and A-Level system.


Too many kids are walking out with paper qualifications that actually are not worth the paper they are written on because everyone has the same grade.


Socialists would have you believe that this is because kids are working harder, teachers are getting better at teaching, and that kid’s brains are just getting brainier!


While all of that is true, one fact remains. Improving equality in education is not about making everyone the same. It’s about encouraging everybody to achieve what they are capable of achieving – not just academia!


When 10 people run the 100 metres, only one person can win the race.


Coming second, third fourth, is part of the competitive edge – and so this should be the same with education.


Those kids who did come second, third, fourth, and even those that came last, always have the chance to improve.


That is how we should approach education.


The best will shine. The rest will drive to shine.


But we also have to be realistic with our teenagers, and alert them to the fact that not everyone is driven to academically shine.


Surely, if we just sail along as we are, we will end up with a heap of adults who have lots of paper grades, but actually no experience of the real world – and of what it means to drive to be better.


Let’s face it, our unemployment rate is 2.6 million.


How many of those unemployed have A’s or A*s I wonder?


At present, teenagers seem to think that getting an A* will mean they are sorted for life.


How far from the truth that really is!