Farewell to soccer's 'golden balls' David Beckham

The expected hanging up of his football boots by "Golden Balls" AKA David Beckham did come as a shock to me, since ageing Ryan Giggs still plays for Man U, and Teddy Sherringham played into his 40s.

I suppose being a footballing diplomat, moving from one end of the globe to the other, certainly has had its pressures. It must have been a herculean task to keep up winning at his advanced age, in sporting terms, of 38.

A much admired man, I would forecast Beckham will head back stateside to become an soccer magnate; he has the history and the glory with many victories (as well as Victoria and children) to back him up.

However, his integrity would seem to be fit for taking over from Sepp Blatter, at the world football governing body FIFA to head a whole new team comprising of likely minded soccer stars like himself, and developing football across the globe with the likes of John Fashanu, for a Global African Cup which will comprise teams from every part of the Globe (whom are African instead of just the Africa Cup of Nations which only deals with African continental footballers. Certainly there is room for one more World Cup of a kind, helping towards African unification.

With so many doors open to him and new challenges for the globetrotter of football, as they say, the world is the rap-loving Beckham's oyster. But leave Britain's ruling body the FA alone, David, no matter how patriotic you feel. It can't even seem to handle the matter of racism with which it has been grappling for years. Head for a more global outfit like FIFA. Ironically, the former England captain already knows how the system works, as the country's delegate representing us to get what went to Russia and Qatar (the World Cup).

I would very much want David Beckham on the FIFA executive committee with an aim to be Blatter's successor. He is a man that needs no bribes from no one. But, if I know the wife and children of this hard-working dynamo, they'll want him to rest now and devote time to the stilll lucrative family brand.

Personally, I think Blatter has brought FIFA into disrepute (yes Mr Blatter you made a splatter of the World Cup corruption scandal) and the likes of David Beckham can repair much of that damage. Luckily for him he has a plethora of former players the world over he can pick from to assist him if it comes to that.

In conclusion, David Beckham is a person that whose one golden career has ended just as another one beckons. He is simply one of Britain's best ambassadors and exports. Simply put, comparing him to also recently retired Sir Alex Ferguson, perhaps soccer's greatest manager, is not possible. Football giant Vs management titan. Beckham hanging up his boots, is just ending "the kick", if I can borrow the name of the title track from Marvin's Don Jazzy and Wande Cole latest track.