Feisty foreign relations blog

Well well...let's just say, I got a my type of work, of polluting cyber space with sarcastic and snarky, but highly insightful and analytical political masterpieces. (Okay okay, those who know me here, please stop laughing!)

Remember Mitchell Blatt? New media journalist, and right-wing political blogger, praised by the former speechwriter of George Bush, and who I interviewed, for The-Latest? He just came out with a political and foreign relations blog, which is not just your average dumb and boring political news...but a highly sarcastic and hilarious one, which on principle, made it a policy of attacking politicians, statesmen, and other blogs, regardless of their political background, liberal, or leftists.

 Here's the website address, where "yours truly" somehow managed to impress Mr. Blatt, and got a job...


Please do follow and comment on my literary ornaments...and definitely criticize, a chance which will be pretty foolish to miss...

Lastly, all the credit to The-Latest, as it was one of my first platforms, where I managed to successfully bore people...and still continue to do so...(special thanks to our Deputy Editor, Deborah Hobson, and fellow contributor, Chris Gaynor, for being so supportive!)