Firm launches new product aimed at youngsters

Condom makers Durex were criticised yesterday for launching their new product in Germany aimed at 14 year olds.

The criticism came as the British owned conpany were marketing the product in Germany where the age of consent is much younger, 14.

Advertisements for the new product have described adolescents as 'little devils.'

The new condom aimed for boys uses thinner rubber and different contours which makes it easier for boys to put it on.

Product tests were undertook at Essen University as research found that 'regular' condoms were two wide for pubescent teenagers.

An adult condom has a circumference of 52 mm, but the slimmed version is 49 mm with a narrower middle.

It was launched alongside Germany's most popular teen mag which has been promoting safer sex for youngsters.

Critics fear that a launch in Britain will promote young people to engage in illegal sexual activity.

Norman Wells of the Family and Youth Concern Pressure Group, said: 'This is sending out all the wrong messages and encouraging under-16's to engage in illegal sexual activity.'

But Durex Marketing boss, Mark Critchley claimed that their company would never produce or market a condom aimed at anyone younger than 16.