Gaddafi's mafia family is crumbling in confusion

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The Gaddafi regime is in a state of confusion tonight, (Wednes day), as two of the Gaddafi brothers have put out conflicting statements regarding the fight for Libya, it has been reported.

One, Saif Al-Islam, is putting out old-fashioned style Gaddafi  propaganda that the fight for Libya is still on, and that his father, Colonel Gaddafi, is fine, and urging the remaining pro-gaddafi forces to fight on and to defeat the enemy, the Rats. 20,000 armed youths have apparently been battling the uprising, he claims, and that “victory is close”.

Saadi Gaddafi, the other son, is claiming to have said that he has been empowered to negotiate with the rebels for surrender. It is not clear if this is to negotiate his own surrender, or for the safe passage for him and his father.

The battle for Sirte continues, as the rebels fight to have full control of Libya. According to broadcasts from possibly a Syrian TV station, Saif reckons that those who got caught up in the rebellion of the Gaddafi regime, have been duped, for fears their children would be kidnapped.

Gaddafi’s foreign minister Abdelati Obeidi, has allegedly been arrested by rebels. A senior minister being arrested reveals that the rebels are increasingly advancing closer to nailing the top dogs, namely, Gaddafi and co.

Reports suggest that this could be a last ditch attempt by the staunch members of the regime, to try to mitigate their safe passage outside of Libya, although Gaddafi and Saif-Al-Islam, are wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Saadi is not a wanted man by the international community.

It comes as earlier on, the Gaddafi regime had rejected an ultimatum from rebels, who claim they would bombard the town of Sirte heavily if the pro-Gaddafi forces failed to surrender their arms and leave Libya free of 42 years of tyranny – to be run by the National Transitional Council under chairman Jalil.

Gaddafi still has a £1 million bounty on his head, dead or alive.

Four members of his family have fled to Algeria, including two sons, his daughter, Aisha, and a wife of the Colonel.

There’s also been reports that an adopted daughter, Hana, who was reportedly dead, is actually well and alive somewhere in Libya with the Colonel. She had apparently been killed in 1986, in a US bombing, but has allegedly been working as a Doctor in Tripoli. Libyan doctors claimed she was a bully. A true Gaddafi.

Like with any good mafia family tale, there’s always a few skeletons that come out of the broom cupboard.

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