Global platform for video news reports

Have you been to yet? If you’re a photojournalist or a citizen journalist activist like me, you’ll find it a most interesting website.

Be sure you have lots of time, because you can get lost for a couple of hours watching fascinating footage from around the world.

MaYoMo is short for Map Your Moments. It is a video-centric social network for citizen photojournalists and multimedia news content providers from all around the world.  

MaYoMo was one of the first news sources to provide raw video footage of the Haiti earthquake and is increasingly becoming a credible global news source – especially in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. They have a large network of citizen journalists who share dramatic moments from places like Iraq, Pakistan, and the Iranian protests. They have also had videos uploaded from Mumbai showing police after the terrorist attack and a recent terrorist attack in Afghanistan.

Take a look – you’ll be fascinated – and you’ll learn what’s happening in places you’ve never heard of!
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