Go East

Three years ago, a student's main  concern was how they would pay back their student loans, but with job unemployment reaching an all new high, student loans have become the least of their troubles.  

With this in mind, Business minister Baroness Vadera decided to  give us all a giggle during an appearance on ITV news:  "I am seeing a few green shoots, but it's a little bit too early to say exactly how they'd grow." Surely she could not be saying this as the British Industry announces that it's seen 10,000 people loose their jobs on the worst single day for job losses ever recorded.      

Whether this comment was meant to be uplifting or not, her statement echoes a speech given in 1991 the then Tory Chancellor Lord [Norman] Lamont at the height of the recession- where he also claimed to detect  "the green shoots of economic spring". This comment eventually led him to be sacked by John Major.    

The only benefit that some can look forward to a drop in property value, but then again that will only benefit people with a healthy income- a demographic that is in slow decline.      

So with students reaching graduation, there is one option that should be considered- working abroad. One country that is booming with economic success is the United Arab Emirates. As a growing and developing country, it provides monetary stability which is something the UK may not be able to provide.   It seems that the Middle East is celebrating economic success as their currencies are slowly rising up against the pound sterling, so should future students cross over to Middle Eastern shores in the hope for monetary stability? With many of the UK's top Universities including Imperial College and other British companies and Banks who have invested in the UAE and have seen much success, surely it is a wise choice.      

And its not just the  UAE that seems distant from this economic crisis, China, Japan and India have all climbed up the economic ladder and today  hold large shares of the world GDP. Many of these countries would happily invest fruitfully in overseas graduates as it benefits both ways; employees obtain the high class accommodation, company cars,  holiday bonuses  and other luxuries that companies in the UK are struggling to provide; whilst employers see their businesses flourish under the advantage of overseas education.   Granted it may still be early days to predict where the future of UK business is heading, but it's safe to say that students who cannot afford to wait out the outcome, should consider investing their time in growing Middle and Far Eastern countries. China is seeing economic expansion through technological advancement, India is a rising Asian giant that has grown through food and textile export and the UAE is rich with wealth gained from oil exports and revenue from tourism. All these countries are ready and waiting to see what tomorrows working youth has to offer.

So if any there are any students out there who can't bear another year of budgeting their money or eating gourmet meals like beans on toast, maybe its time to cross the pond and turn their efforts towards future economic front runners, and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.