Googling Phenomenon

Simply by typing someone's name into an Internet search engine you can find out almost anything about them. Jonathon Duffy of BBC News Online reveals how "singletons will 'google' a new boyfriend or girlfriend - to check them out."


This craze is changing relationships and the way people view each other. It demonstrates a lack of trust amongst society today. Although as Dennis McCafferty of USA Weekend warns: "the Internet is a place where are answers are stored - regardless of whether they have any basis in fact."

Confusion can often occur when using this method to investigate people. Due to incorrent information or people with the same name.
In the past people would rely on word-of-mouth to assess potential partners, employees or employers. In today's technology obsessed world, New Woman Magazine correctly says "we're more likely to check people out on the Internet."


2 Responses to "Googling Phenomenon"


Sat, 01/28/2006 - 17:23
I agree wholeheartedly, it is a sorry state of affairs when mistrust is such in society that potential partners are &quot;vetted&quot; through the internet. But there is also the argument that this degree of mistrust was ever present, only in the past we would seek approval from our friends, loved ones and peer groups.<br /> <br /> However, in these modern times we no longer yearn for acceptance and acknowledgement from those in our social circles, instead we seem to be more concerned with how many posts we have on our blog from our &quot;online community&quot; or how many times Joe Schmoe has viewed our internet profile.<br /> <br /> This is further emphasised by the fact that, even now, the internet is starting to permeate television audiences with advertisements for ensuring us that if we don't find &quot;love&quot; in six months, we'll get our next six free. But we can't troubleshoot a relaltionship. Norton can not protect us from the pitfalls relationships present. These things are what <em>make</em> a relationship so special and highly desired. Despite the negative aspects, relationships provide love, closeness and a happiness that can not be found in or given by &quot;HotStud69&quot; from Alabama.<br /> <br /> Society needs to take a step back, switch the computer to hibernate and awaken their <em>actual</em> social lives from their seemingly progressive slumber.


Sat, 01/28/2006 - 17:45
I don't know whether it's amusing or very worrying to read that a snake can make its way through the world in a parcel undetected, unquestionned and uninterrupted. It makes you wonder whether a similar parcel, labelled "Anthrax - Don't Open" could survive an equally lengthy trip from one country to another.