Gordon hints that he's a 'loser'

PMQS REVIEW: It wasn't that exciting in PMQs today - despite all the hoohah over MPs expenses. Infact, it was chaos - but there was a funny moment between the ousted Speaker and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. Lord Gorbals forgot that Nick Clegg had two questions - and joked that he thought that Clegg had asked two questions in one. Old Mick obviously has other things on the brain, like where he's going to put all his savings from his  £1.4 million pension when he officially steps down as Speaker next month June 21. David Cameron the Tory leader quizzed Gordon Brown on why he wasn't going to call an election and give the people a say. Cameron has been harping on about that for yonks now. But Dave still get a straight answer from old Flash Gordon. But he had the better of him though. He asked why the Prime minister thought calling a general election in a recession would cause chaos? Brown said that the chaos would be if a Tory government came in with public spending cuts. Has Flash just hinted that he thinks he is going to lose? Or is he just holding on for that huge pension? "Once again the Tories don't want to talk about the important issues of the day," Brown said. Cameron then said that Brown is arrogant by not giving the people the right to have their say. He then said that other countries like New Zealand and India had elections, and Obama was elected right in the middle of the banking crisis. Brown said that he had work to do - and that solving the problems of the economic crisis was top of his list. Well get on with it then you plonker. You've had 11 years... MY VERDICT = David Cameron = 8 Nick Clegg = 7 Gordon Brown = 5 By early next week we will know if Esther Rantzen decides to run as an independent and enter the House. Hope she knows what she's letting herself into?