Gordon's bad idea

SO where did Gordon Brown's sudden grandstanding for championing the oppression of the world's women suddenly come from? Or better still, who thought it would give old Gordon some browning points, (he's already trying to be humanised by his wife, through her blogging and twittering exploits,) but perhaps old Hattie had something to do with it - after all, Hattie and Mandy are the ones really leading the show aren't they? This empowering women malarkey is a bit old hat, isn't it? Remember, Britain has already had a female PM (one of the most successful PMs of all time - I might add. If you look back into History, there's been several women who have been champions for the so called 'better sex.' Emiline Pankhurst (who campaigned tirelessly to get women the vote, Mother Theresa (who looked after the sick and terminally ill), and of course our very own Margaret Thatcher, who led Britain out of the dark days of labour and Tory problems. Gordon Brown co-authors the article in the Huffington Post, in which he talks about the continuing need to fight back against the oppression of women and girls around the world. Co-written with President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, it calls for the urgent establishment of a new agency to empower women around the world, as recommended by the UN in 2006, and pledges that Britain will "at least double the UK's core funding for the UN's work on women's equality through this new body, once established".

Gordon grandstands, by writing: "Global economic and social progress lies in every country empowering their female populations, with full participation in economic and political decision-making essential. It is impossible today to imagine that the slave trade could have been tolerated by the world for so long. So our duty is to deny future historians the opportunity to question how this generation allowed and participated in the abuse and suppression of girls and women."

There's been strings of successful female poets, who've campaigned tirelessly for greater equality - and of course, recently, we've had our very own political campaigners Esther Rantzen, (who's going to be standing as an independent, in Luton South, and that Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley, who managed to get a government minister, (a man) to do a U-Turn on whether Gurkhas had the right to settle in Britain. So there we have it, plenty of examples of women doing what they do best - leading the way. Granted, sex trafficking, and other brutal crimes still go on against women, but no more so than ever do women have greater freedom, choice, and power over wee men in both the social and corporate world. You only have to look at who is really wearing the trousers in government to find that out....

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