Hack 'tweets' brush with death

A Liverpool business hack tweeted about his brush with death last weekend when he became the victim of a ride-by shooting. Tony McDonough, 39, became the victim of a terrible incident in Liverpool on Saturday night by getting shot in West Derby village - but he jokily tweeted that he was 'ok.' He tweeted: "We were stood drinking just inside the doorway of the Sefton Arms when a gunman on a motorbike opened fire from outside - not aiming at us." He added: "I have four shotgun pellets lodged in the side of my head. Two of my friends were also hit." "My t-shirt and jeans were covered in blood," he then further tweeted. McDonough said the reason he twittered his brush with death, instead of phoning friends or relatives was because he didn't have many followers following him, and joked later after recovering in Hospital: "Getting shot seems to have made me popular on Twitter," he said. He believes two doormen were also hit but not seriously hurt from the incident. Well, that's one way of getting a following on the micro-blogging network... Follow him here.