Hacks are getting depressed with bad news

Troughing MPs, recession, Northern Rock, the floods, and a dead whale on a beach, it seems that bad news is depressing some industry hacks, but, they joke that they are struggling to find GOOD NEWS on their respective patches. Graeme Whitfield, a media blogger from The Journal is urging readers both local and national to get in contact with him and tip him off about some good news for a change.
He jokily explains: "Every day at The Journal we go into conference - where we discuss the stories of the day - and share more bad news: people being laid off, energy prices going up, the value of your house is going down and so on and so on. At this morning's conference there was more of the same and we discussed whether we could do a story with some reasons to be cheerful. We all agreed that we should...then couldn't think of any."
He adds: "If you can think of good things happening in the world, please let us know and we'll print the best ones in Saturday's paper."
On the comment thread so far one reports: "Well the cats found a hedgehog in the back garden this evening so there is something eating all those snails. Also I found 22 cabbage white caterpillars on our 3 cabbages this morning so if there is an Indian Summer there'll be some butterflies next spring. Sorry that's about as much Pollyanna-ing as I can produce."
Now that is a reason to be cheerful? See also Has anyone got any good news?.