Has anyone got any good news?

Chris Gaynor

Bad news travels fast, good news always gets left behind, unless, of course embattled British prime minister Gordon Brown suddenly resigns. I suspect that if   did go, that good news would spread faster than wildfire.

A group of journalists have launched The Daily Dust, a new website that only focuses on good news. Yes, you heard it, good nees and there is some in the UK - despite the mainstream media focusing on swine flu, the recession, troughing MPs, and of course Gordon's YouTube antics.

One of the founders of the site, Kevin Dixie, writes: "We created the site out of sheer frustration of standard media focussing in on negative news. Since starting we have a few writers and editors that are working on the site that have impressive backgrounds, one created and sold the most read sports website, another was nominated for a BAFTA for podcasting. We have the expertise in place to enable the writers to learn about SEO (search engine optimisation) and online marketing along with editing skills."

Like with any new venture, they are looking for writers, anyone who can sniff out a good story. Yes, a story to cheer up the nation. So, if you are able to churn out feel good factor news, then they want to hear from you. Of course, at this stage, your efforts would be unremunerated, but, in the coming months, they claim they will be able to offer revenue for writers, as well as stakes in the business. Contact the editor if you can help here. And don't forget to find your alternative news stories for The-Latest, good, bad, or ugly.

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Wed, 05/06/2009 - 18:08
That's a lovely piece of news, buddy...quite a refreshing change from the cold, cruel world, it seems... thanks for this interesting piece...