The-Latest Ltd (for aims to ensure that everyone we work with and people who visit us stay healthy and safe.

VVe will achieve this by:

  • compliance with all applicable legislation
  • adopting a commonsense approach to managing everyday risks and making well-informed decisions for higher risk activities
  • having systems to identify and mitigate risk
  • ensuring that our people are provided with practical and effective tools, technology and guidance
  • having an action-plan designed to tackle and simplify the management of key areas of risk
  • monitoring, audit and review of the safety policy and management system and implementing them to ensure their suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness
  • provision of information, instruction training and supervision to enable all our people to carry out their jobs competently
  • investigating and learning lessons from incidents
  • expecting that the third parties we work with will achieve at least the same standards of health and safer behaviour and performance that we expect of our own staff and/or freelancers
  • a willingness to work with other organisations to increase standards of health safety and welfare across our sector.