The honest train driver

The Piccadilly Line tube-train pulls into the station. Here it stops, as indeed it should  — it's a train, after all. As the doors open, some passengers leave and some join. But the doors remain open, all goes quiet and there is no sign that any movement is likely to happen in the near future.  

It's five minutes later and the train still resides in the same spot, in the same station. The doors have yet to close. And still there is no word whatsoever from the driver as to what the problem is.


More minutes tick away. Finally the tannoy crackles into gear. The train driver speaks at last. He says:  "I'm sorry for the delay to your journey. We're being held in this station for the moment  … I have absolutely no idea why."


A few minutes later the doors close and the train starts to move. The driver speaks over the tannoy system once again. He says:  "There has just been an announcement made to say that there is a good service on the Piccadilly Line  … read into that what you will."


At last, an honest train driver.