How to become a superhero and rise to success

Hey there, I love the Dark Knight Trilogy. I’m sure, if you have seen them, you like them too. If you haven’t, then let me fill you in on them a little. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) suffered a lot from what you and I and many others do in life. What's that? He suffered from procrastination. He also suffered from the pain of losing his family. He also suffered from the pain of being rejected by society. The first and last pain are not too different to what you are suffering. BATMAN BEGINS SHOWS YOU THAT HOW TO BE A SUPERHERO LIKE BATMAN YOU NEED TO FIND A PATH AND STICK TO IT In Batman Begins, he suffered from the procrastination of not knowing what to do with his life, until, one day, he met Ra's Al Ghul, head of The League of Shadows, (Liam Neeson). He was, literally, lost. But, with the training from Ra's his mentor, he found a path, and used that path to create his own destiny and become Batman. DARK KNIGHT RISES SHOWS YOU THAT HOW TO BE A SUPERHERO LIKE BATMAN YOU NEED TO ALWAYS PICK YOURSELF UP FROM A FALL! As Bruce Wayne’s father told him many times when he was a child. “Why do we fall Bruce?” “So we can learn to pick ourselves up again!” In the Dark Knight Rises, he suffered from the procrastination of whether he should put on the Bat Cape again, and save Gotham from destruction. Although you may not be able to save the world, you can save yourself from procrastination, and do what Bruce Wayne did. You can do this by simply rising from your pit and taking action with things each day. In Batman Begins, it takes him a while to become Batman. He does a little bit of work everyday to fulfill his destiny and become the Dark Knight. You see, Bruce Wayne fell into a pit in Dark Knight Rises, and thought he couldn’t get out of it because of his pain. The pain of losing his parents. The pain of losing the woman he loved. The pain of breaking his back after his fight with Bane. You may have outside forces that affect you, like Bruce Wayne did. But what propelled him into action again, and rising out of the pit, was he knew Gotham needed him once more to stop the evil Bane (Tom Hardy) turning Gotham into ashes. Your purpose may not be as dramatic as Bruce Wayne’s… But, it is still important, nethertheless, if you want to save yourself from the misery of where you are now, and where you could be or want to be. While it will be a struggle, and will be hard work, and there will be knock backs, like Wayne, it will be worth it in the end. BRUCE WAYNE LEARNS THAT HOW TO BE A REAL SUPERHERO LIKE BATMAN YOU HAVE TO FACE YOUR FEARS INSIDE YOU Bruce Wayne also learnt something new. He learnt that the fear he had wasn’t because of the outside world. It was the fear inside him preventing him from taking action. That fear, if he let it, would give him the power to do great or to do terrible things. He chose to confront the fear, and to do good, not just for him, but for others. And the biggest point of all, in all of the Dark Knight Trilogy films is anyone can be Batman. That’s the point! YOU CAN BE A SUPERHERO AND RULE YOUR OWN WORLD! You don’t have to be a billionaire orphan, like Bruce Wayne was, to be a superhero. Bruce Wayne  just took action, and became a superhero, Batman! So, what are you waiting for? BE A SUPERHERO AND RISE FRIEND…. NOW, HERE’S WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO NEXT. I WANT YOU TO CLICK HERE AND TAKE ACTION AND BE THE SUPERHERO OF YOUR OWN WORLD!