How to edit content of your new-look website

The register/login link is on the top right hand side, in front of the social icons.

Once logged in, you'll see your profile page.

Add content

The link "Add content" allows you to add your voice to your own blog or the main site on The-Latest.

The "Add story" link allows you to add an article for the main site. Once published, the editors will view your piece before accepting publication.

Create Story (This is for registered members only).

Add your title. The "Front Page Image" is the teaser image.

The "Multimedia and Files" box, allows you to add a gallery of images, video or documents to the article.

You'll need to select a category for your article, for instance "General News". Tags, are words to describe your article.

Any images you would like for your article, should be uploaded in the "Image in text" field. Please read the instructions provided there.

"Bylines" is used by the editors only.

Add your content in the "Body" field. It must be in plain text and not rich text like Word.

When you are finished with your article, click 'Preview' to view your work. If you're not happy with it, continue editing. When done, click the "Submit" button.


The link 'Blogs' shows all other blog entries for users on the site. You have the option to create your own blog and add your voice to The-Latest.
Under this, you'll see "My blog", where you will be able to add your content with the "Post new blog entry" on the left hand side.

Create Blog Entry

Enter your title in the field provided. Enter your text in the "Body" box. Any images you would like for your article should be uploaded in the "Image in text" field. Please read the instructions provided there. After you have finished your article, you can (and it is recommended) that you click the "Preview" button to view how your article will look. Then click the "Submit" button once you're happy with it.
The "Edit Summary" link is provided so that you can create a different "teaser" than the body copy, but is not necessary to fill this out.


The link "Calendar" shows you some upcoming events that The-Latest deem useful to our members.

To search for an article, at the end of the dark grey bar at to top of the page, you'll see a magnifying glass. Click that to "open" the search box.

To get back to your profile from anywhere on the site, click the "My Account" link on the top right.

If you have any queries or problems, please use our contact form.