How to get back with your ex

Valentine’s Day looms again, and it’s that time of year where lonely singles drown their sorrows either craving hardcore romance, or are desperate to rekindle an old flame. If you were once happy in a relationship that failed, but are pining for that lost romance and passion with him or her, then now’s a good a time as any to consider to get back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is yearning for the same thing? Maybe you and him or her split up too hastily, and did not consider working at it and not just quitting at the first hurdle that is hoisted in front of you. Whatever the circumstances of your break up, you have to address the past and get on with the future. If you are desperate to rekindle a dying flame, then here are some things you shouldn’t do. 1) If you come into contact with him or her – don’t act as though you haven’t moved on yourself. Show him or her what they have been missing. 2) Don’t go over old ground that caused you two to split up in the first place. Moving on also means forgiving and forgetting what ever it was that happened. 3) Don’t act jealous if you see him or her with someone else. It may not be that type of relationship, yet. 4) Are you so unhappy with your life that you need to go back rather than forwards. I’ve always been told “never go back” just forward. 5) If you do meet with him or her, don’t act so desperate to want to go back straight away. Let it develop into a natural rekindling of an old flame. If there was real romance and passion there, then it can easily be rekindled again! 6) Should you listen to your friends? Should he listen to his? Chances are, you have a circle of friends who will be sceptical as to why you want to get back together with your x boyfriend or girlfriend. If they are true friends, they will support you come what may! 7) Be confident in who you are, and what value you brought to the relationship. Look for the best in both of you, and try to rekindle that lost love naturally. If you still are friends, then go to do things that you used to do, and again, let it develop naturally. These are seven things you should and shouldn’t do if you crave to want to get back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. For more "killer" tips, CLICK HERE