How The-Latest is available on the move

Geeky Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has launched a new gadget, the Kindle, where readers can access a variety of literature, including The-Latest, I hope, from the touch of a button, writes Chris Gaynor.

He has been working on the electronic device for more than three years - which can hold up to 90,000 books, blogs, newspapers and magazines.

The wireless portable reading device also has a built in dictionary where if you are not sure of a word - simply access it's meaning while you read.

On his website, Mr Bezos said: "The book lover in me, has often been the nerd in me."

He added: "I love slipping into a comfortable chair for a long read. As I relax into a chair, I also relax into the authors words, stories and ideas."

His new device offers the combination of advanced new technology with old fashioned stories being updated electronically. Author Toni Morrison said of the new gadget: "It's lighter than most books. I can carry it and I can have more at my disposal."

Bestselling author of Moneyball, Michael Lewis said: "Think of a book you'd like to read and in 30 seconds it appears on your screen. It's magic."

Kindle boasts the fact that the words are written on electronic paper - similar to the paper of the paperback. Just as the IPOD enables users to download music from its ITUNES website, a reader can download their favourite paperbacks, newspapers and magazines straight to their KINDLE.

A favourite paperback will cost just under $9 dollars to download and can hold up to 200 books. This spritely new gizmo could spark the end of the crumpled newspaper or coffee stained paperbacks which gather dust on people's bookshelves.

Fast-paced geeks who devise these gizmos may well end up concocting something to rival Mr Bezos's Kindle.

But The-Latest's Contributing Editor, Deborah Hobson, said: "I assume that the Kindle will simply allow people to download these online versions as well as their favourite websites and books.

"With regard to The-Latest, anything which affords people a wider opportunity to enjoy the site is welcomed."

IPHONE"IPHONEMr Bezos's new gadget comes as the UK went IPHONE mad earlier this month when the popular APPLE brand launched the new music/mobile phone gizmo.

The Kindle costs a modest $399 dollars and is available on

Who knows, maybe readers of The-Latest will be reading this blog, or infact any other writers of this website from the comfort of their KINDLE on the train, at work or whatever they get up to in their spare time.