How not to behave at a job interview


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SATURDAY NIGHT’S X-Factor teaches you many things in life. Things such as why is there so much delusion in the UK? But it also can teach you a few great lessons on how you shouldn’t behave at a job interview – and not secure that dream job or career you have always wanted.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

1.   Don’t go to an interview thinking you are the best, even if you know you are. People see through arrogance and cockiness, and hate it. Let your talent shine through without being over confident - borderline cocky.

2.   Don’t argue with the panel who are judging YOU, not the other way around. It’s fine to have an opinion, but keep it zipped until after the interview. Even if you think the panel have been unfair on you, (although you won’t know that until you get a letter in the post) just keep your mouth well and truly zipped during the process.

3.   Negative energy will evade the room like a bad odour. Nerves are fine, but negativity isn’t. Always make sure you go in there postitve, but not cocky.

4.   Let your talent shine through. Actions speak louder than words. Back your lip up with proof, and you will be fine! Just like Jade Richards did right at the end of the audition,21, from Fife. You can either do the job or you can’t.

CLICK HERE FOR the link to see Jade Richards's emotional audition.
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