How to sell a gift card

Anyone who is wanting to sell a gift card has a few easy ways to do so. Often the reason that one wishes to offer one up for sale is because it is to a store that they do not frequent. It could be due it being far away or one that does not have items that they would use. No matter what the reason, finding someone else to buy it is often not as difficult as one would think.

Look into one of the various websites on the Internet that are set up and dedicated to just this purpose. One will be able to see how much is being offered for their particular type of card. One will also find information on how to send it in and how they are going to be paid.

Turn on the computer and do an Internet search. You may be pleasantly surprised by the number of websites dedicated to buying cards. You are not going to receive the full value. However, you will be able to receive a percentage. The exact amount will depend on the site you use and the store that your cards are from. Shop around for where you are able to get the best deal.

List the item on websites such as Craigslist. One is able to place an ad free of charge on this site. Place in your local area. This way you can sell it and get your money right away. There will be no need for shipping. List it at a discounted price in order to attract buyers. Everyone loves to get a good deal. You should be willing to take at least five or ten dollars off the true value.

Let family and friends know that you have unused cards that you are trying to sell. You may know someone who enjoys shopping at a store that you do not. They might jump at the chance to buy your cards for a few dollars off the actual value. Again this would enable you to get the money right away.

Ebay is another option for anyone not in a hurry. People will be able to bid on your items. You will then send them out and receive your money. This is another option that is best for those not in immediate need of money. It will take some time to for the auction to end and to get the item sent out.

If you wish to get this done quickly, the best way is to do something in person or locally. You have a few different options for doing this. Speak to friends and family to find out if anyone has an interest in buying. Craigslist is a website which allows you to place ads for free. Anyone interested in buying your items can then contact you. Asking those you know if they have any interest is another idea.

Once you sell a gift card, you can then use the money to buy something that you want. This was what the person who bought it for you wanted you to do in the first place. This is of course preferable to allowing them to go to waste. Tossing them aside is like throwing money away, and no one wants to do that. Get rid of what you do not want and replace it with something you will use.

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