If you can't afford a prezzie today then...

Aileen Casey

So its that time of year again. If you have been hit by Cupid's bow and arrow and you are all loved up this is your day. A day to celebrate your love for each other.

Present each other with cards, chocolates, and whatever else you may have up your sleeve, in honour of the Roman Saint Valentine.

But what if Cupid's arrow didn't quite catch you this year? Well, it's one of those days that you really don't need reminding of …yeah, yeah so your single …let's not go crying into that ready meal for one just yet. Look on the bright side. At least you've got more money in you back pocket and you are not forced into spending a fortune for your other half just because Hallmark says so.

As somebody who has been hit Cupid's arrow, I feel the tide is coming in on me, with very little time to go and buy the card. This is quite a task as the poem just has to be perfect and I would read every one in the shop until I find the one that is just right, bearing in mind that most of the population share a similar attitude as people vary in the relationship stages.

Many years ago when I was just 15, I received a card from a guy that I briefly shared a few kisses with at the local disco. Then Valentine's Day came around and, low and behold, he sent me a card. But this was not just any card. This was a card the size of a house declaring his undying love …Needless to say I was shell-shocked. So, my advice to all those early day relationships would be to steer clear of that powerful word  "Love" ….Wait till next year. That way you will have stood the test of time which speaks volumes!

For those of you who have gone well past the year mark, then use this as a opportunity to make your other half know how much you love and appreciate them. And, go on, get them the biggest bestest card in the shop just to make them feel extra special ….You know you want to!

Also, remember to get the other half a present to go with that big ass card. If you haven't already got a present then it's time to get your skates on. But if you're on a shoestring budget a good gift idea is a compilation CD made by your very good self, choc full of songs you know your amour will swoon over. Simple yet very personal. The special treat is sure to get you some major brownie points.

Now, on a final note, single or not this Valentines, remember to love yourself first and then everything else will fall into line …Happy Valentine's Day.