Is internet marketing dead?

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In a world where technology is developing at a rapid pace, you need to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to promoting your business, or someone else's products.

This is why mobiles are so important, and not to be shrugged off as just a fad that won't last. With over 5.billion people wandering around with some kind of phone, whether it be an iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, you really have a great chance of generating interested customers in your product if you advertise via mobiles.

But mobile marketing is more than just about raking in more profits, it's about literally getting up close and personal (direct) with clients. SMS text messaging is the new email marking, where regular SMS alerts are sent out to customers keeping them in touch with new offers, bargains, freebies, and anything else they might be interested in.

Not only is this new technology ideal for big business, it is also ideal for smaller/medium sized businesses too.

Bloggers, and website owners can not only advertise their sites via optimised websites for mobile, but can also send customers to affiliate offers through mobile optimised opt-in forms too.

And what's even better is you don't have to be a techno-whizz to be able to learn how to do all this mobile marketing malarkey. Learning how to set up simple campaigns is a doddle, and there's no reason why yo can't be up and running with your own designed iPhone Applications within an hour.

Mobile marketing is definitely the next wave of marketing businesses and products online. Just think of all those sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia who have gone mobile already. If you don't catch up in the race, you will be left behind.

Next, if you are eager to get started with mobile marketing, and want to find out how to design mobile-ready websites, and your own applications, without spending a bomb, then go to this link below, and collect your FREE guide which tells you all about it, and more....

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