An internship that's worthwhile?

THERE'S been a great deal of talk about UK internships, and whether they are of any use, especially since the poorest among UK society struggle to fund a 'free' 'working' lifestyle. But this next lot maybe worth thinking about - both if you're funded by the Bank of Mummy and Daddy, or not. The guys and girls at, an organisation helping ordinary people do good, whether it be through promoting environmental issues, or charity style issues, are offering internships in America, Santa Monica to be exact, and if you're a wannabe journalist or writer, then this maybe up your street. Could do with a bit of Sun on my back in old Uncle Sam country. There's a few internships available. Feast your eyes on these below, and see which takes your fancy, and then take the plunge. - Editorial/Journalism/Writing - Nonprofit Development - Social Media - Business Development - Product Development - HS/College Outreach - Marketing/Events - Video - Volunteer Coordination - Web Development - Viral Marketing - Graphic Design - Drupal/PHP
They proudly boast on their internships: "This is not one of those feet dragging, coffee pot filling, computer eye numbing, "what time is my shift over" kind of internships." And there are some of those about in the UK, as I can point to from experience.
For those who do not like the power of social media, you'll be apparently using a lot of that too to get the CauseCast message across. The internship application is due by August 12th. Fall internships start August 26th, and run through December 18th. Email for more information, or visit the site, HERE.
Santa Monica, California
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