Irish radio journalist versus bloggers


The author of the opinion piece is Malachi O'Doherty, who refers to himself as a "freelancing radio journalist." In a humorous, and I believe authentic way, he describes the relationship between bloggers and professional journalists.

A most interesting citizen journalist headline appeared in the Aug. 9, 2010, issue of the Belfast Telegraph (Ireland): "Citizen Journalism Will Never Stop the Presses." I had to read the article.

He says: "Blogging aspires to being the new journalism and journalism in the traditional media wants to argue that it has professional standards to defend. But there is one big flaw in the perception that bloggers and journalists are at war with each other; they actually feed off each other." He uses personal experiences to illustrate his point.

 O’Doherty does a good job of defining the differences between a journalist and a blogger. Here’s a portion of what he says: "The journalist has to deliver on time. There are deadlines. The blogger can go to the pub and upload the recordings later, maybe even the next day. The journalist has backing. When harassed by abusive calls and threats of libel, the newspaper or broadcaster should take the heat. The blogger alone will more readily succumb to pressure." But O’Doherty gives you much more.

I was going to share his final conclusions with you, but I think the piece is so good you should read it yourself. Here’s the link.