It's a hard life at university

Teena Varsani

Our time spent at university is often described as the best years of one's life with endless fun and partying. But, all of this is overshadowed by the incredible financial debt incurred as a student.

Living as an undergraduate is becoming increasingly difficult with even less support from the government than ever before. The outrageous increase in tuition fees means that once a person has left university he or she is left with at least a  £9,000 debt, which rises each year. On top of this, there is a lack of financial support for students with regard to travel costs.

On average  £100 a month is spent on travel for a student commuting to and from university, which amounts to  £1,200 a year. This is after the discount a student receives as an over 18-year-old full time student.

Currently under 18s in full time education get free bus and tram travel, while those who are already suffering from many financial burdens only get a mere 30 per cent discount. Trying to secure a good future by obtaining a degree seems to be getting harder and those young people who do come out of university with a degree are then left with years of paying back the debts they built up.