Joint war operations of ‘Five divine devils’

Mother Nature has convened a meeting of “Pancha bhootas” (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) or ‘Five Divine Forces’ viz., Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky Atmosphere to analyse the damage caused to them by the human beings so far, despite umpteen warnings earlier to human beings. In the meeting presided over by the Mother Nature an overall rogue behaviour and attitude of human beings towards the Mother Nature and Mother Earth has been discussed in depth, and a major war plan of action is prepared for, - how to teach big lessons to the Human beings who are uncontrollably rattling sabers on the Five Divine Forces by giving up fear of sin, general virtue and righteous behaviour.

The grave and serious injuries made to Mother Earth in the form of mining, drilling, extracting flesh (metals, minerals etc) and blood (petroleum, gas) of Mother Earth is assessed and discussed and it is identified the areas/lands where more injuries are caused to the Mother EARTH thoroughly examined by the meeting members. Next the damage caused to the WATER Resources such as Oceans, Rivers, Lakes etc., polluted with chemicals effluents, drain, undissolvable garbage, etc along with drilling of sea shores for sucking oil and gas and damage caused to innocent ocean beings is assessed and found that it has reached to intolerable levels for the Water resources to bear anymore the atrocities made by man on it. Thereafter the abuse of FIRE Resources such as Oil and Gas and other fire resources such as Missiles, ammunition, etc that are misued mostly to damage the ‘Air’ and ‘Sky Atmoshphere’ is examined. The assessment of damage caused to AIR is found to be more alarming at disproportionate levels. Poisions like Carbon monoxide and other dangerous gaseous intoxicants are released into the Air through dangerous Factories, industries etc, endangering the lives of birds, trees and other innocent living beings and it is also observed besides observing their feelings of proudness of Humans to release intoxicant fumes into Air and their sadistic enjoyment by celebrating the events of establishing more and more dangerous industries and factories. Finally the damage caused to SKY atmosphere is assessed. The emissions of Satellites, Air Jets, Warplanes, Missiles, and and the debris left on the Sky atmosphere is investigated. It is found that the damaged caused to the Sky atmosphere became intolerable with stock piling of elements of poisonous fumes causing damage to the Clouds, Monsoon schedules and the movements of other invisible living beings in the sky atmosphere.

After thoroughly assessing the terroristic attitude of humans towards Mother Earth and Mother Nature, it is decided to launch ‘OPERATION FIVE DEVILS’ in two phases, each Battallion operating individually or two or more battalions operating their activity together, against the human race. Earth Forces Battallion is divided into Tectonic Earth quake Division, Volcanic Earth Quake Division, Collapse Earth Quake and Explosive Earth Quake Divisions.  Water Force Battallion is divided into Flash Floods Divisions, Costal Flood Divisions, Tsunami Division, Hurricanes-Tropical Cyclone Division, Meso Cyclone Divisions, Extra-tropical Cyclones, Snow-cyclones Division and Depressions Division. Fire Forces Battallion is divided into Wild Fire Division, Forest Fire Division, with sub-divisions of Canopy Fire Sub-Divisions, Ground Fire Sub-Divisions, Crown Fire Sub-Divisions and Fire Tornodo Sub-Division. Air Forces Battallion is divided into Tornodos, Air Rings Divisions, Dust Devil Division, Gale Divisions, Heat waves Divisions and Diseases Spreading Division. Sky Atmosphere Battallion is divided into Thunder Storm Division, Electrical Lightening Division, Hail Storm Division, Acid Rains Division, Snow Cyclone Division and Ozone-whole division.

Selections of areas for attack are allotted to each Battallion from time to time by the Mother Nature with Central Command Control of Forces in her hands.  Suppose if Hurrican-Sandy and Neelam attacked the United States and India now means, next attack could be some where else in Europe or New Zealand. So attacks would be launched simultaneously phase by phase where sin, unvirture and unrighteousness is order of life for the majority people. For the sins humans have committed, punishments would be awarded by the Five Battallions along with their Divisions and Sub-Divisions from time to time in the form of drought, by sinking agricultural fields destroying the agricultural crops.

Earth Quake Battallion is empowered to attack the humans independently, where Mother Earth’s flesh and blood is being sucked by humans more and more by breaking and tumbling their buildings and constructions. Poor Human Scientists always in the illusion believe that it is all due to seismological changes. Fire Battallions are given power to carry out the major attacks independently by Valcano bursts/ eruptions and by spewing lava to hundreds of miles making the land unusable to humans for years together by spreading ashes. Poor Humans think that Valcanos burst in course of pressures beneth the earth layers. Forest-fire divisions would also launch attacks from time to time making the man to run away from one place to another. Air Battallion is given powers to move ferociously to scare and disorder the human-life through Tornodos, Air rings, and Heat-waves during summers, to cause damage to the properties and lives of humans. Whereas the Water Battalions and Sky Atmosphere Battalions are given powers to launch joint-colloborative attacks on the Humans all at once, to teach lessons to humans, by producing Tsunamis, Cyclones, floods, depressions, Heavy rains, along with Tunders, lightenings all at a time, to brush aside the agricultural fields, properties and Roads and buildings of humans to make them suffer from hunger by destroying their logistic support. From the otherside the Ozone-whole division would destroy the earth protection sphears/layers bit by bit to make the ultra-violet rays of Sun to hit the humans directly.      

Unfortunately the Humans can never realize that the punishments awarded by the Five Divine Force Battallions and their attack Divisions, are for the sins committed by them and the damage caused by them to the ‘Pancha Bhootas’ but always are in the delusion that they are casual and routine natural calamities. They never confess that the destructon is result of the sins and atrocities being committed by Man towards Mother Earth, Mother Nature and the Five Divine Forces. They always believe that their scientific knowledge is superior to Nature’s power. Realisation would never come to the Rulers and the Ruled. So Mother Nature would also never stop her Battallions to attack the humans from time to time. In this war between the Nature and Man, Nature overpowers the Man finally, because humans depended on Nature for existence, Nature never depended on Humans for her existence.

The most unfortunate thing for the most intelligent Humans is, despite having formidable weaponry such as ICBMs, War Jets, Air craft carriers, Machine guns, Nuclear and Hydrogen bombs; they can never execute even a single weapon, single war strategy against the Mother Nature’s Battalions. Not even a single weapon. Firing of an ICBM on Tsunami Division can not stop Tsunamis. Firing of Human Sub-Marine Forces on Cyclone depression through missiles can never stop Ocean depressions and heavy tidal waves. Our Advanced Stealth Bombers can not evade the vision of Air Atmosphere Thunders and Lightening Divisions and our Bombers becomes Play Toys before Mother Nature’s Thunders storms and one Thunder Storm would pulverise our Stealth Bombers into smooth powder.  How pitiable, poor and submissive the Great Man has become before the ‘Mother Nature’ and her ‘Five Divine Forces’.  By dchaitanya.