Journalists: Have we lost our Public Purpose?

I am often puzzled by the standard of journalism in the UK, with a reputable organisation, such as the BBC, and the Fleet Street historical press ties.

It occurs to me that there is a system in place, whereby journalists adopt a somewhat 'lazy' attitude and are over relying on 'ash washed' press releases, to formulate their news stories.

I remember attending a seminar, on this said topic,;  " Civiic Journalism" at The City University, where investigate journalist Heather Brooke presented her argument on the laid back attitude of UK Journalists, having worked in the US, as a crime reporter.

This is indeed a big problem that us as journalists we fail to find the answers to. 

Is it because we are to over reliant on such a poor source for news? Or is this now a standard of our industry?

Miss Brooke, who is also the investigative journalist to bring the MP financial scandal to light, sets us a challenge as journalist to get back into the habit of 'Grass-root" journalism, where we dig deeper into a story.

Three years on, not much as changed, journalism, in Miss Brooke's view; and what I too agree with  "suffers from an identity crises", in a digital age.

It seems as though we as journalists have forgotten our 'Public Purpose" in fulfilling our civic duties.

I now set the challenge that; as young journalist we get back to basics, where its good to be nosey, alert and eager to find our more.. be hungry for news and don't stop until we get the story bottom up! BE PUSHY, BE INVESTIGATIVE, BE CHALLENGING…. It’s our job, let’s do it right.