JuryTeam accuse Tories of pinching ideas

Independent candidates of the political group JuryTeam will be unveiling their hopefuls in the mainstream media earlier this morning. They start their election campaigns in earnest today, but have accused the Tory Party of pinching their reform policies for parliament. These included: - Curbing the power of the Whips - proposal 1 of the Jury Team - Transparent pay for MPs - proposal 2 of the Jury Team - Elected Select committee chairmen - proposal 5 of the Jury Team - Fixed-term parliaments - proposal 8 of the Jury Team David Cameron also advocated open primaries to select candidates and talked about term limits for MPs to clear out the dead wood. Martin Bell, former MP who stood as an anti-sleaze campaigner in the 90s and overthrew the Tory Neil Hamilton, has apparently not ruled out standing as an independent against Salford MP Hazel Blears, who came under fire in the first week over her troughings.
Sir Paul Judge, founder of the group, said of the Tories: "He (Cameron) failed to discipline his MPs, over 130 of them, who voted against the modest John Lewis List reforms last July. He has only recently woken up to the expenses scandal of his own Political Advisor, Andrew Mackay MP. If he is to wear our clothes, he should do it properly."
He added: "The Conservative leader may or may not be serious about opening up the selection procedure for future Tory candidates, but make no mistake - those standing for the Conservatives on 4th June are not independents, they have not been chosen fairly and they will be whipped into toeing the party line once they are sat in Brussels."
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