"Kill that Tory Bill," says Former DPM

LORD OF THE MANOR John Prescott and Usdaw, the shopworkers' union, are leading a campaign to save the National Minimum Wage from a Tory Bill to scrap it. Eleven Tories have apparently signed up to scrap the Minimum Wage Act where they claim it should be someone's Human Right to work for less. Naturally, those on the left are fuming. Next week, The Employment Opportunities Bill, tabled by a Senior Conservative Christopher Chope, who as a minister helped bring in the Poll Tax, has timetabled it for its second reading in Parliament next Friday. Chope claims it will introduce more freedom, flexibility and opportunity for those seeking employment in the public and private sectors. The bill allows this apparently: - Allow employees to opt-out of the minimum wage - ensure all public sector jobs are advertised openly - grant the  'right to work' under the Declaration of Human Rights by allowing workers to be paid less than the minimum wage John Hannett, Usdaw General Secretary and member of the Low Pay Commission, said:  "This shows the Tories in their true light and is a little insight into what a Conservative Government would do. They are still fighting the battles of the 1980s and 90s when they abolished the wages councils and left my members and millions of other workers without wage protection. David Cameron talks about an age of austerity, well we now know that he means it for low-paid workers?" Hannett adds: "The minimum wage is needed to ensure people are paid fairly. I urge anyone who cares about the protection of our workforce to log on to and sign the petition to save our minimum wage." Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, said:  "Christopher Chope and his Tory cabal want to turn the clock back to the days of poverty pay where workers are exploited by unscrupulous bosses. The sham Caring Conservatism is stripped bare by their plans. They have shown clearly that they are not on the side of ordinary hard-working people." Video is of 'Two Loos' Prescott in a funny hat cooking up another spat over Tory elitism. Go to the Facebook Group here. JP, as I like to call him, has gone to town on it on his blog, click to visit JP's blog, here.

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Sat, 05/09/2009 - 15:01
<p>I notice that you haven&#39;t given your usual take on things. Are you with the unions on this one, I assume?</p><p>The government has also pulled a blinder by closing the loophole which previously allowed restaurant owners to top up wages with tips to make the minimum. What&#39;s your view on this? The fact restaurants have been relying on charity for wages shows just how greedy employers can be... the National Minimum Wage has been a landmark ruling and I hope it celebrates its tenth anniversary next April. </p>