The lazy bugger

It's a weekday afternoon, and your hard at work, or meant to be, but not if your the deputy prime minister.

John Prescott has become an istitution for satire. First we had two jags. Then there was 'two shags.' Now, it seems he is 'two slacks.'

What a moment in Labour Party history having a man posing outside a country house playing the most conservative of past times, croquet. Anyone for a glass of Pimms?

It seems that this Labour government have become obsessed with fashion. That is being Conservative!

Reports claim that the game of croquet was 'team bonding.'

However, since most people are getting sweaty in an office and only stop for a simple tea beak or 'fag break,' the only team bonding that is going on in Prezzas office is the touchy feely stuff with his secretary.

All this may seem like ridicule and harmless fun- but, there is an underlying question one must ask. How many lives does this labour government have? Cats only have 9 lives, but it seems the Labour party have infinite!

Finally, perhaps someone could organise a national campaign to get prezza out of there!