Let's take to the street and march for justice

Effie Jordan

Put People First is the theme of a potentially earth changing march that is taking place in central London on March 28. It is part of a global campaign to challenge the G20 leaders of 20 of the world's biggest economies - including newly-elected American President Barack Obama - who will be meeting in London on April 2 to tackle the recession and global financial crisis.

Even before the banking collapse, the world suffered poverty, inequality and the threat of climate chaos. Our future depends on creating an economy based on fair distribution of wealth, decent jobs for all and a low carbon world.

Leaders of the richest countries on the globe have have pursued a financial model that has created an economy fuelled by ever-increasing debt, both financial and environmental.

Now most people agree that there can be no going back to business as usual.

If you have not done so already and agree with the demands of the campaign for Jobs (decent jobs and services for all), Justice (end global poverty and inequality) and Climate (build a green economy), then please spread the word far and wide.   

Put People First is backed by a huge range of different organisations, including The-Latest. Others include leading non-governmental organisations like the World Wildlife Fund, War on Want, Oxfam, Save the Children, Friends of the Earth, STOP AIDS Campaign and Britain's biggest trades unions, with more signing up everyday. We hope you will feel able to join too and pass this information on to others. We   look forward to seeing you on the day.   

For more information, or to sign up to the campaign, please go to www.putpeoplefirst.org.uk.     

* Effie Jordan is a member of the World Development Movement campaigns team.

* See also http://www.the-latest.com/lets-get-organised-and-change-society