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UK spokesperson for the National Libyan Transitional Council, Guma Al Gumaty has said that the person who killed WPC Yvonne Fletcher could be tried outside of Libya – assuming he is tracked down.

Gumaty said that the new Libyan government would be flexible with any government around the world to bring people, including the person to justice who shot the WPC, as well as several Libyan protestors outside of the Libyan Embassy in the UK.

Junior diplomat Abdulmagid Salah Ameri has been named as the prime suspect in her murder.

Libyan officials of the NTC are happy for the Met in the UK to investigate the death of the WPC in 1984 – and even travel to Libya for further investigations.

The news comes as four members of Colonel Gaddafi’s family have fled to Algeria. The Colonel himself, is still at large, and it is possible that he has followed his family into Algeria. He has, since the crumble of his regime, a £1 million bounty on his head, dead or alive.

Rebels are still fighting pockets of resistance of pro-Gaddafi forces in Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown.

UK Foreign secretary William Hague said that it was time for these pockets of pr0-Gaddafi loyalists to surrender.

“Their time is up,” he told Sky News, and that it would be in their interest to surrender so that Libya can start to rebuild as a free democratic country.

“But the choice is theirs,” Hague added.

Reports have alleged that Khamis Gaddafi died in a road blast in Libya, and it has been reported that Gaddafi’s 17-year-old bodyguard saw him leaving Tripoli on Friday fleeing to a Desert stronghold. Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha, one of the family members who has fled Libya, has given birth, it is claimed in Algeria.

According to reports, Sirte could fall by the weekend, assuming that those Gaddafi loyalists decide their game is up, and put down their weapons – if not, the town will face military action, the NTC’s Chairman Jalil said under NATO command. NATO has been bombarding key parts of Gaddafi’s stronghold to aid the rebels in taking control of Libya.

Hague said that there was no means of these loyalists to Gaddafi getting re-armed.

Last week, foreign reporters uncovered more than 50 bodies were found at a farmyard in southern Tripoli. Grim evidence revealed that those dead skeletal bodies were burned in a brutal massacre. Eyewitnesses can confirm that this was pro-Gaddafi loyalists who had carried out the brutal atrocity.

That latest development was reminiscent of what happened in Iraq, when Saddam’s crimes against his own people were also grimly uncovered.

Sky reporters will be taking the evidence straight to the International Criminal Court, where the Colonel has a warrant to be tried for crimes against humanity.

The National Transitional Council has said though that the former Libyan dictator in hiding will be given a fair trial when he is captured.

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