Lord Butler slams Iraq inquiry secrecy

++++++++++++++++++++LORD BUTLER ACCUSES GOV OF PUTTING POLITICAL INTEREST BEFORE NATIONAL INTEREST OVER NEW IRAQ INQUIRY+++++++++++++++++ Lord Butler, who headed one of the many inquiries into the Iraq War under Tony Blair, has slammed Gordon Brown's current decision to hold yet another inquiry into the war in private. The former Cabinet Secretary will argue there should be a public element to the inquiry. Backbenchers are already threatening to inflict a humiliating commons defeat on the Prime Minister next week when they debate the issue in parliament, and the army, past and present, have been critical too. The committee members on the inquiry will not report until after the general election next year. On Monday, Gordon said that the inquiry would look into an eight year period - starting from 2001, to 2009. Is the u-turn of u-turns about to happen? Rumours are that Gordon will change his mind and hold parts of the inquiry in public. Another case of dithering disease.