Miscellany 2

The Christian Calendar.

A quick thought for you all to process. In these heathen times there is no such thing as the Christian Calendar: there is no Christmas, there is no Easter, there is not even  a St. Valentine's Day. The year is simply a collection of strategically placed marketing opportunities.

Waiting for Buses.

The government would like us to believe that the wait for buses in London has decreased dramatically in the last couple of years. This, however, does not mean that we have more buses or that they run more frequently, simply that the buses these days are ever so slightly longer.

Pope Mobile.

If a pope has a Pope Mobile (a bit like Batman's Batmobile, just without the afterburner and machine guns, although it deos retain the bullet-proof glass), and that Pope Mobile is equipped with a GPS satellite navigation system, does this mean that the Pope can find his way to God quicker?