Mistakes firms make with their campaigns

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Lots of businesses are now latching onto mobile marketing and are recognising the importance of going mobile. In 2020, the prediction is that most people will be operating from a mini computer, i.e, a mobile device or tablet.


However, while there are some businesses latching on to mobile marketing, whether it be QR codes, SMS Marketing, or building a mobile website, some firms are indeed not using their mobile marketing campaigns right.


Mistake 1 – QR CODES


Lots of businesses are using QR codes, but some of those same ones are doing it completely wrong. How? Well, they are basically linking the QR code to their mainstream website, which has not been optimised for mobile. I scanned a QR code recently in my town to the local stationery shop, and behold, the link was to their main website, which looked awful on a mobile device. The lesson is when deciding to use QR codes in marketing, try to link them to something that will not drive the customer away!




Not many local businesses are using SMS marketing. Those that do use it, do this wrong, as well. They tend to bombard people with messages that are not content driven. When using SMS marketing, it’s important to offer value in the text messages, and not to just use it as another sales bombardment.




Most local firms don’t have a site optimised for mobile. Those that do tend to think it is just to put a link up to products and hoping they will get sales. A mobile website’s main function is to provide quick information about the firm’s business, and to make people want to go onto the main website at a later date. If you can provide a template and a reason why that customer should buy from you via a mobile website, then you will have more than just one sale later on.


There are lots of other ways to use mobile marketing – but if you avoid these three big mistakes you will be on the road to implementing successful mobile marketing campaigns.


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