Mixed Reports About Zimbabwe General Strike 'Failure'

According to the BBC News: 'Many Zimbabwean shops and businesses are open as usual despite the Movement for Democratic Change opposition calls for a general strike to press for election results to be published. Harare-based radio executive Nyasha Mpunga, an MDC supporter, tells The-Latest what's going on.

Nyasha Mpunga (NM): We still don't have the results and that's wacked.
The-Latest (TL): But you kind of have the result already - President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF party are refusing to lose the election.
NM: Yes and they are holding millions to ransom for jack.
TL: Has the strike been successful or flopped.
NM: There's a stay away from work and there were some disturbances in the townships. I will go and see for myself later. So, the strike has been successful.
TL: How? That's not what the BBC are saying.
NM: The masses are not in town. Down town is closed and I hear there have been disturbances in the township. We have plenty of police all over so people won't march into town and even in the shops that are open you will find most of the staff are not present.
TL: What are the opposition doing wrong.
NM: They were not aggressive in advertising the stay away. I think the opposition is muzzled at the moment. (MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has fled to neighbouring Botswana, where he is now basing his operations.) They don't have any way to freely verbalise their intentions. We have state controlled radio and television - one bloody channel - and a state controlled newspaper, so really, with the riot cops all over the place, how can we expect people to be in tune with everything that's going on? I am trying to get a visa to Belgium to get out of here.

* See also, 'Eyewitness account of poll reality', The-Latest, World news section.