Music to Deaf Ears

Jemma Tipping

Deaf people can now experience music as a result of to an amazing advancement in technology. A device called Vibrato allows deaf people to "hear" music through vibrations. If connected to a computer they can also compose music.

A graduate from Brunel University, Shane Kerwin has invented Vibrato. It allows deaf people to feel "instruments, rhythms and notes" through finger pods attached to a speaker.

Deaf raves are also becoming popular in London. Organiser, James Hoggarth describes "thumping bass, throbbing beats, Music so loud it can be physically felt." This idea works in a similar way to Vibrato with emphasis being on bass and heavy rhythmic tracks. Deaf clubbers feel music through their bodies.
The artistic director for the UK charity Music and the Deaf commented "Vibrato is a very welcome resource." Kerwin is aiming to: "integrate deaf students into mainstream musical education." New doors are being opened to the deaf population.