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So the first episode of Living Tv's Britain's Next Top Model is out of the way and I feel like I'm still covered in mud, writes Annaliese Dayes.   We were all shocked to find out that we would not be going straight to   the promised luxurious house, but had to complete a gruelling week in boot camp first.

Damn it was hard, battling the cold, tent bends, assault courses and generally looking like a tramp. That assault course was challenging, but I made it over the swamp. Yey! What a shame for the other girls.

And a photo-shoot with world-renowned photography Huggy Ragnarsson was a dream come true. I really enjoyed being a 1970s hippy and absolutely loved the look. Although the process of getting our hair done and make up was quite long, the experience was definitely worth it.

Even straddling a piece of wood, which ended up in a very uncomfortable place, I could bear for the cause of high fashion.

So to my fellow contestants, the 19 other girls … some were lovely to be around while others really let the elements bring out the worst in them. It was hard to see seven girls leave the competition so early on. It made me feel like I really need to work my booty off to make sure I stay in this competition, especially as some amazing girls were eliminated.

I do have to say that I am glad Rebecca left. Her look may have worked but that bitchy, picky personality was definitely an issue for me. The avante garde Louis Meriett, hat-maker to the stars, complete with his spiky hairdo, one of the show's judges, gave me a big confidence boost with his support for me.

Well I'm off to the luxurious London house they promised contestants to get to the real reason why I am on Britain's Next Top Model. I want to learn to be a better model and to meet fabulous fashion industry people.

Interesting first episode? Well, as viewers could see, the girls are starting to get bitchy. One of them said to poor, mother figure Natasha, before she got chucked off the show: "You're so fake." For my part, I really liked Natasha and will miss her

But,   this is just the start. Tune in next week for our first individual photographs which, sexily enough, involves us being practically naked in a bath of mangos …mmmmm. Boobs galore.

And, for the first time, we meet the fabulous, camp Ms Jay from America's Next Top Model. He's on the show to give us some fierce catwalk tips and, I assure you, this cannot be missed... it's too funny for words.

* Britain's Next Top Model, Living satellite Tv Monday, 9pm.

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