My top five dream vacation spots

Andy Bigs

What would you do if you had full financial freedom? How different would your life be? Private jets, someone to accompany and assist you wherever you go, and whatever you do. How would you treat the people in your life? How different would birthdays be? Holidays? If you could buy anything, buying gifts would seem like a trivial thing for the people you'll be giving the gift to. They know you could afford anything.

Okay, so what would you give? You could spend your time with them, make a little trip all the more special. Of course, if you were going to spend the time, why not do it in style? I checked up for the best, most unique places I could think of that offers the best luxury for the future lifestyle. Perception is projection, of course, so why not dream?

La Samanna  — Located in the Caribbean, has been touted as one of the finest hotels in the world. I'm assuming that any room in this place must be ocean view! Ever since the Pirate movies, the blue seas, white sands and over-all tropical image of the islands have become so appealing. Not just for swashbuckling, but for intimate reasons too.


Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa  — It seems honeymooners and lovers have been raving about this place. Shades of teal and royal blue juxtaposed with the luscious greens and beige evoke the feeling of a dream. So what would it be like to actually step into a dream? That'd be surreal for sure.


Jaguar Reef Lodge and Spa  — If you want to take someone out for a good time and yet get relaxation from the trip, try Jaguar Reef. A cross between reef and rainforest, the colors of the place is enough to relax the soul. Dining with the vast ocean in view and a choice of staying in a cabana or a suite, the time you spend here is full of choices. Do you trek the forest area, or go snorkelling by the reef? Either way, that's the best of something.


The Fairmont Orchid  — Along the famous Kohala Coast of Hawaii, this place tries to establish the  "there's no place like home" feeling. Other than a relaxing stay, guests can indulge in activities like snorkelling the clear blue waters of Pauoa Bay, golfing in the Francis H. Brown-designed golf course, or tennis at the 10-court K-Swiss Resort Academy facility. If dining is the issue, there are 11 dining options available for consumption offering a wide variety of traditional island food, or comfort food from home.

And lastly, my favourite of all, The Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua  — Smack dab in the middle of a historic pineapple plantation, just north from Maui, guests can indulge in a Club Suite. This entitles the guest a key-accessed floor complete with a dedicated concierge. The thing I like best is that guests can experience a real, authentic luxury treatment when they want it.

Now breathe out. Supposing that full financial freedom hasn't happened yet, these are great destinations to look forward to when setting a goal. I saw a couple more interesting packages / places in, but decided to pick out the ones I'm hoping to be experiencing sometime soon.






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Fri, 06/06/2008 - 20:31
Excellent picks for top vacation spots of them i&#39;ve been only to bora bora, considering though i go to greece each summer i&#39;m happy with just having gone to bora bora the place is insane yes post card pictures do exist and this is one of them. I don&#39;t know if im going over seas this summer but i did book a <a href="">royal caribbean</a> cruise to head to the caribbean for a little thats local in my mind compared to every other place im normally going to.